Medical Equipment Dubai

The equipment used by hospitals, specialized clinics and emergency services, is critical to serving the needs of patient, throughout the UAE, GCC and Africa. When healthcare providers need a supplier that they can trust, they rely on Big Sea Medical for industry leading medical supplies.

When buying medical equipment for any healthcare organisation, it’s not necessarily just the orders that you’re purchasing. You’re purchasing an all around service, and for that, you want to build a relationship with a supplier that you can trust, and that understands your needs.

We have been one of the preferred suppliers of the healthcare industry since 2003. For over a decade, we have handled turnkey hospital projects and have equipped new ones with cutting edge technology. Providers of equipment ranging from Ambulance supplies and mobile health units to Rigid Endoscopy machines, you can trust that we can deliver to your specifications, with industry leading technology originating from advanced manufacturing facilities in Europe and around the world.

Providing all of your Medical Equipment

When your focus is patient care, you don’t want to be tied down negotiating pricing and supply details. Having a supplier that meets the majority of your hardware needs, is essential. We provide a wide range of critical care and diagnostic units to ensure that you won’t need to shop around. You save time, and have the advantage of purchasing stock in bulk.

Our full range of healthcare supplies and technology covers all diagnostic imaging hardware, including M.R.I., C.T scanning, Ultrasound, Radiography and Fluoroscopy, Cat- Angio and Mammography., also Operating room devices including patient monitoring devices, surgical light and surgical table and emergency devices like defibrillators, pumps and ventilators are all available for facilities of various sizes. Big Sea Medical prefers German brands such as Sternmed and Endomed, because we trust the quality and compliance, and so will you.

Dubai Medical Supplies That Meet International Standards

All of our supplies are produced by renowned and trusted manufacturers, and carry certifications that meet CE and ISO compliance. Talk to us about how you can procure the latest and most advanced medical equipment Dubai has ever seen, and find out what it is like to work with a team of passionate professional suppliers who will go above and beyond to meet your needs.