Ambulance and Mobile Clinic

One of The Premier Mobile Health Unit and Ambulance Manufacturers in Uae

When performing ambulance conversion, every effort needs to be made to ensure that the final result of the mobile health unit is able to meet all of the requirements for you, as a healthcare provider, and the vehicle should also be capable of meeting patient needs to the standard that residents in Dubai expect.

In Dubai, ambulances range from fully equipped mobile medical unit types, to non-critical care patient transport vehicles, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your requirements are restricted to any particular category.

You may need a Type IV mobile medical unit with a complete ICU and life support configuration, or even a type III fully equipped ambulance that can respond to most emergency and life threatening situations, or maybe something in between. Whatever your needs are, Big Sea Medical can help you meet them. As one of the most trusted ambulance manufacturers in UAE, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need, to provide leading healthcare when it matters the most.

We Are More Than Ambulance Suppliers, We Are Also Mobile Clinic Manufacturers

Emergency response and transportation is not the only situation that requires mobile healthcare. Ambulatory clinics can allow for community programs, corporate services, dental checkups, and more. As one of the premier mobile clinic manufacturers in the region, our company can customize mobile solutions for for:

  • VIP cases and Ebola disease responses
  • Tricycle conversions
  • Marine emergencies
  • Woman Health Care Clinic
  • Diagnostic and Screening Clinic
  • Blood Donation Vehicles
  • Dental Clinic
  • Eye Clinic
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Radiology Unit

Helping Healthcare Providers Keep Abreast of Change as Medical Equipment & Ambulance Suppliers

Mobile healthcare has progressed dramatically in the last two decades. Since 2003, we have emerged as one of the ambulance equipment suppliers that will go the distance to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Unlike other ambulance equipment suppliers, we will collaborate closely with you, from the consulting stage to the final sign off, keeping you informed, in case unforeseen circumstances should occur. You aren’t locked in to a ‘one fits all’ approach, because we understand that no two ambulances or mobile clinics are the same.

Standing amongst leading medical equipment and ambulance suppliers, we are able to leverage off of our expertise and buying power to provide you with the most up to date diagnostic, monitoring, and life support equipment for your ambulance or mobile clinic needs.

Don’t add complications by choosing car dealers to buy ambulances who aren’t ambulance manufacturers in UAE – choose a trusted company that does it all, and that delivers outstanding results. Choose Big Sea Medical. Call or email today, to begin the consultation process on your next project.

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