Ambulance and Mobile Clinic Conversion

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One of the Most Trusted Ambulance Conversion Companies

Ambulances form the backbone of any city’s emergency healthcare system, and in Dubai, things are no different. With a population of over two million, healthcare providers in the Emirate need to be able to respond to emergencies, special transportation cases, and assist with mobile clinic operations, almost around the clock. For providers to meet the needs of the public and their patients, they need world class facilities and medical equipment.

Big Sea Medical is a leading provider of medical hardware in the UAE. Along with providing equipment for clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, we also lead when it comes to converting into Ambulances and Mobile Clinic

An Essential Aspect of the Healthcare System

An ambulance is essentially an emergency room on wheels. Needing to respond to and triage patients who have been involved in accidents, or who have developed sudden and serious symptoms, ambulances need to have all of the medical supplies and equipment that are necessary to respond to a wide variety of patient needs.

There are two main types of ambulance in operation in the UAE, and in most countries around the world. These are the most common vehicles that you will find built by ambulance conversion businesses.

  • The Emergency Ambulance is the typical configuration for emergency and critical care providers. Emergency Ambulances are often modified by ambulance conversion companies to offer numerous emergency response systems, and usually include life support capabilities.
  • The Patient Transport Ambulance is still a healthcare vehicle, but is not geared towards emergency response. It may include patient monitoring equipment but will rarely have life support equipment. These vehicles are used in situations where patients are unable to travel by normal means. These patients could include those who need long term healthcare services, such as those suffering from cancer, organ failure/damage, or other conditions leading to a degree of debilitation.

Whatever you need for ambulance conversion, Big Sea Medical will be able to meet your needs, and can perform custom installations on suitable vehicles. Call us today and talk to us about your options, and the equipment that you would like on board. As a leading medical equipment supplier and healthcare vehicle convertor, we are able to offer Ambulances and mobile clinics that meets all regulations and international standards. Our expertise with over a decade of service in Dubai means that we can help you find the right solutions, for the right price, every time.

Our technical team is capable to provide our customers all 4 types of ambulances according to Ministry of Health checklist:

  • Basic Ambulance
  • Semi Equipped Ambulance
  • Fully Equipped Ambulance
  • Fully Equipped Ambulance with ICU options

We can convert the vehicle in following:

  • Ambulances including VIP Ambulance and Ebola Ambulances
  • Tricycle Ambulance
  • Boat Ambulance
  • Mobile Woman Health Care Clinic
  • Mobile Diagnostic and Screening Clinic
  • Mobile Blood Donation Vehicles
  • Mobile Dental Clinic
  • Mobile Eye Clinic
  • Mobile Ambulatory Surgery
  • Radiology Unit

Product Description

Here are some photos from the ambulances converted by us.