Omega Single Plane Fluoroscopic Imaging System

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all Omega EP systems feature RayStar, a proprietry integrated digital image processor tailored for high definition cardiac imaging. RayStar offers unmatched visualization of a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic EP catheters for catheter positioning. The all digital platform provides fully integrated DICOM compatible networking capabilities. As a specialist in design and development of EP fluoroscopic imaging systems, Omega strives to manufacture cutting-edge technology at a competitive price point ensuring the highest value of investment in the industry.

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Product Description

Single Plane System Controls

the single palne table controls consist of panning handle, table elevation and tilting functions.
The intuitive system controls consist of joysticks for positioner movement, touch pads for image intensified MAG modes, variable SID and beam collimation. Both table and L/C positioner controls may be palces on either side of table or the foot end of table.

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