Marcom 1.5T

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Product Description

Technical data Marcom 1.5T

Sternmed Superconductive 1.5T MRI

Superconductive Magnet


Superconductive Magnet

1.5T active shield superconducting magnet


≤5.0 ppm @ DSV 45cm

≤1.0 ppm @ DSV 40cm


≤0.02 ppm/h

Helium boil-off rate

<50 cc/h

Helium refill period

≥24 months

5GS (X,Y,Z)


Patient aperture




Gradient System

Active shield full body gradient coil systems, noise reduction & mute technology

Gradient Coil

England Telsa Corporation

Cooling System Type


Cold Head

Sumitomo cold head

Gradient strength

Single axis 34mT/m,  Effective 59 mT/m

Slew rate

Single axis 130mT/m/ms,  Effective 225mT/m/ms

RF System



All-digital (8 channnels)

Power of transmitter amplifier


Receiving coils

Built-in preamplifier phased array coil

Receiving coil type (standard)

head, neck, body, knee, spine, shoulders, Breast coil



Operating system

Windows XP Professional


Dual frequency ≥2.8GHz



Hard disk


The main screen displays

≥22´´LCD TFT monitor

Screen monitoring device, machine monitoring, patient monitoring, multi-parameter monitor the amount of concentrated, high security

Machine control parameters

pressure, level, temperature

Patient monitoring parameters

electrocardio, respiratory, RF, db/dt

System operating modes

normal operation mode, a controlled operating mode

Image processing and analysis

image enhancement, zoom, pan, crop, negatives, window width and window level adjustments, mark or clear text, distance measurement, regions of interest selected, the average pixel value, standard deviation of pixel values, signal values distribution, projection reconstruction

Network components

DICOM 3.0 standard interface, through the local Ethernet network easily to link camera, diagnosis and treatment workstations, medical information systems, remote diagnostics system.

Pulse sequences



2D, 3D GRE

2D, 3D SE

2D, 3D FSE

FSPGR(positive/ negative  phase sequence)

TrueFISP(Fast steady precession fast imaging)

SSPGRE(Steady state process gradient echo)

FRFSE(Fast recovery fast spin echo)

Single-shot FSE 2D (Single shot fast spin echo)

MSFSE(Multi shot fast spin echo)

FSE 2D with Inversion Recovery (2D reversion fast spin echo sequence)

STIR(Short time inversion recovery)

FLAIR(Fluid attenuated inversion recovery)


EPI SE-based

EPI SE-based DW

DWI(Diffusion weighted imaging)

2D, 3D MRA

Automatic pre-scan

Gate Trigger

Breathing, electrocardio

Reconstruction algorithm


Scanning parameter



0.75mm, Head,24cmFOV 256×256                                

1.0mm, Body,  30cmFOV 256×256                                                                                                         0.5mm, Head , 24cmFOV 512×512

0.75mm, Body,30cmFOV 512×512

Acquisition matrix

64/128/ 256/ 512/1024

Maximum display matrix

Maximum display matrix1024x1024


10~450 mm

Scan orientations

Any angle (axial, sagittal, coronal, any slope, multi-layer multi-angle)

Image type

T1 weighted imaging, T2 weighted imaging, T2*weighted imaging, proton density imaging, Water suppressed imaging, Fat Suppressed imagine, MRM, MRU, MRCP, Magnetic Resonance angiography(MRA), Diffusion weighted imaging(DWI)

Patient Table


Patient Table

Drop out of the open two-dimensional movement, motor drives, cross laser positioning, Emergency braking situation or power outage, you can manually take the bed.

Status display and Configuration

8” TFT- LCD display, resolution 800 * 600, real-time display system status

Max. Patient Load


Positioning accuracy


Operating position


Positioning Accessories

mattress, pillow, head pillow, various parts of the fixed pad

Power supply


Helium compressor

3N-a.c 380~415V/50Hz,6.9KW


3N-a.c.380V±38V/50Hz±1Hz,50KW q

Typical Layout


Magnet Room

About 33m2(5m×6.5m);

Equipment Room

About 24m2(3m×8m);

Control Room

About 7.5m2(1.5m×5m);

Total MRI-System area

About 64.5m2.