Xenox M300 CV

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Product Description

Technical Specification Xenox m300 CV

Electrical Performance

High Frequency

Inverter Power Supply

Output power~16.0 kW

Inverter frequency: 60 kHz

Automatic, Manual ContinuousFluoroscopy

Tube voltage: 40 kV~125kV Continuous adjustment

Tube current: 0.3mA~4mA Continuous adjustment

Automatic, Manual IntensifyingFluoroscopy

Tube voltage: 40kV~125kV Continuous adjustment

Tube current: 0.3mA~8mA Continuous adjustment

Automatic, Manual Pulse Fluoroscopy

Tube voltage: 40kV~125kV continuous adjustment

Tube current: 0.3mA~30mA continuous adjustment

Pulse frequency: 10-0.1 frame/s continuous adjustment

DSI Digital Spot Film

10-0.1 frame/s can be chosen freely

Radiography Tube Voltage, mA

40kV~125kV 200 mA

X-ray Tube

X-ray Tube Special For High Frequency

Rotary anode focus: 0.6/0.3

Anode thermal capacity: 212kJ (284kHU)

Image System

Image Intensifier

TOSHIBA 9 “ imageintensifier

Image Intensifier

TOSHIBA 9 “ imageintensifier

CCD Camera

Medical use 1 million pixel digital CCD camera


Real time collection, horizontal, vertical mirror image, recursive noise reduction can be adjusted continuously, multi-images storage, image patching, last image freeze

Work Station Software

Storage without damage, multi-images display, image W/L real time adjustment, grayscale switch, region of interest balance, GAMMA correction, flip, noise reduction, intensifying, smoothing, sharpening, compression, zoom in, measurement, remark, picture-text type set print, expert template, Dicom image transmit, Dicom image Print ,Cine-loop, Image Imprinting, worklist registration