Avacs 50

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Powerful features 

  • Applicable to pediatric and adult.
  • Various ventilation modes
  • Highly integrated absorber
  • The absorber could be automatically heated, to avoid water condensation.
  • 15inch touch screen
  • Touch screen & navigation wheel for simple operation.
  • Penlon vaporizer with automatic compensation for temperature, pressure and flow
  • Two Vaporizer positions to ensure anesthetic accuracy.
  • Proportional valves Technology.
  • Close-loop control
  • 3-level graded And color coded  alarms for different risks
  • Electronic flow meter with High accuracy
  • Anesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS) active system (optional)
  • Sophisticated monitoring
  • Anesthesia information management system (optional)
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Product Description

Technical data AVACS 50

Weight (base unit without vaporizers or cylinders)


Dimensions (W X H X D) 

  1515×1000×690 mm

Power supply

  100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 6.5A(Max) 

Battery (supports ventilator and monitor)

  Minimum 60 minutes 

Ventilator E-vent

   Electronically controlled, pneumatically driven

Operating Modes 



  VCV, PCV, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, Sigh, Cardio pulmonary

  bypass, Spont/CPAP, PRVC, Standby, Manual

Breathing frequency


Max. Minute volume (MV)

99 l/min (monitoring), 30L/min (setting)

Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP)

OFF, 4-30 cm

Inspiration / Expiration ratio (Ti:Te)

4:1-1:9 (increment:0.5)

Pressure limiting (Pmax)

PEEP+5-PEEP+70 cm H2O

Tidal Volume (Vt) 


Inspiratory pause (Tip:Ti)

OFF, 5%-50%

SIMV Inspiratory time (Tinsp)

0.1-10S (increment:0.1S)

Inspiratory pressure (Pinsp)

PEEP+5-PEEP+70 cm H2O

Inspiratory flow (InspFlow) 

10-80 L/min

Pressure Support Level (Δ PPS)

5-60 cm H2O

Min. Frequency for and “OFF”   Apnea-Ventilation (Freq.Min.)

1-100 bpm



Integrated safety functions guarantees

Auto oxygen monitoring, manual oxygen setting a minimum O2concentration of 22%-35% in an O2/N2O mixture. N2O cut-off ifO2 fresh gas valve is closed or if O2 flow is less than 0.2 L/min.N2O auto cuts off when O2 press lower than 20 psi. in case of electricity failure, manual ventilation or battery supply. Gas delivery and agent delivery are possible. Positive pressure relief valve opens at 70cm H2O, Negative pressure relief valve opensat – 7.5 to – 9 cm H2O 

Range of fresh gas flow indicators

0-15 l/min

Total fresh gas flow meter


0-15 L/min with a mixture of O2, N2O and Air

O2 flush 

(2.8 bar): min 25 L/min

75 L/min at 41 psi

Vaporizer Mount 


2 position either Drager mount or selectatec





  Continuous  monitoring of aspiratory O2 concentration, breathing 

  frequency, tidal volume, minute volume, mean or plateaupressure, peak 

   airway pressure as well as PEEP.

In addition, all fresh gas flow information is displayed in numbers

Serial interface


   VGA, RS232, RJ45, Debugging


No protocols

Data available for export

Alarm history + parameter setting

Volume of CO2 absorber


1.5 liter

Volume of entire compact breathing system

2 liter + bag