Vento 62

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Powerful Features

  • Close-loop control system
  • Key components are from world leading manufacturers
  • Proportional valve control technology.
  • Multiple pressure and volume automatic protective system
  • Comprehensive alarm system
  • 3-level graded And color coded alarms for different risks
  • 15 inch screen TFT screen
  • Touch screen & navigation wheel
  • Setting parameters display is subject to ventilation modes
  • System log could record 100 settings/alarms.
  • Keep inspiration & expiration hold for 30s.
  • Powerful Function with Various ventilation modes


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Product Description

Technical data VENTO 62


Weight (base unit )


Dimensions (H X WX D) 

   1450×590×550 mm

Power supply

   100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1A(Max) 

Battery (Lithium)

   Minimum 60 minutes 

Patient type

    Adult, Pediatric (>5kg)

Ventilation modes 

   VCV, PCV, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, Sigh,

   Spont/CPAP, PRVC, DualPAP, NPPV, Standby, Manual 

   Tidal Volume:


Ventilation  frequency


   Inspiration time:

   0.1-10S (increment:0.1S)


   21% – 100%

   Flow trigger:


   Pressure trigger:

  – 20-0cmH2O

   Pressure control:

  5-70 cm H2O

   Pressure support:

  0-70 cm H2O

   Electronic PEEP:

  0-50 cm H2O (increment: 1cm H2O)


  30 minutes

   Direct access function:

  100% O2 min, Inspiration hold, Expiration hold, Manual, Freeze, Lock


   Volume: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspont. Pressure: Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, Pmin, PEEP
Freq, fspont, I:E, FiO2, Compliance, Resistance
Comodule (optional): Etco2
   Spo2 module(optional): SpO, PR



   P-T, F-T, V-T, Optional: SpO2-T, EtCO2-T


   P-V, F-V, F-PV Optional: Volume-EtCO2


   Peak, FiO2, PEEP, MV, VTE, VTI

   System Log:

   500 events (setting and alarm)


   Audio and visual alarms with three levels

   Volumes: VTE high/low, MV high/low; Pressure: Paw high/low

   O2 supply pressure high/low. Air supply pressure high/low

   Apnea, Continuous high airway pressure

   Freq high/low FiO, high/low

   SpOlow (optional), EtCOhigh/low (optional)

   Power: AC power failure, Low battery power, Exhausted battery failure

   Communication Interface:

   VGA, RS232, RJ45, Debugging


   15 inch TFT touch screen