IPN 56

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Powerful features 

  • Tube heating option
  • Dual-CPU monitoring function
  • Abundant optic and sound alarm
  • Body-weight mode conversion
  • Pressure dynamic display
  • Multi-direction clamp for either horizontal or vertical fixation
  • 3-level occlusion alarm limits
  • Ultrasonic bubble detection
  • Infusion apparatus calibration
  • Nurse call interface
  • KVO function
  • Wireless communication function
  • Night mode lighting
  • Smart pulsation compensation function
  • Detection of drip sensor
  • Fast rate control
  • External DC power interface
  • AC and internal power indication
  • Standard RS232 interface
  • 1500 history records
  • Waterproof


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Product Description

Technical data IPN 56

Flow rate

0.1~1500 mL/h (0.1 mL/h step, if the value is 100 mL/h or above, the step is 1mL/h)

Bolus rate

600~1000 mL/h (Adjustable)

KVO rate

0.1~5 mL/h (Adjustable)

Occlusion accuracy


‘H’: 900+200 mmHg (120.7+ kPa)    ‘C’: 500+100 mmHg (66.7+13.3 kPa)
‘L’: 100+ 50 mmHg (13.3+ 6.6 kPa)

Accuracy of infusion

<+5% (<+3% for calibrated infusion apparatus)

Bubble detector

Ultrasonic detection method, detection sensitivity: 25µl

Infusion history records

15000 pcs

Preset volume

1~9999 mL

Display range of totally delivered volume

0~9999 mL(0.1mL step, if the value is above 100 Ml, the step is 1 mL)


‘Finish infusion’, ‘Occlusion’, ‘Bubble’, ‘Door open’, ‘Power Supply Breakdown’, ‘Battery low’, ‘Battery exhausted’, ‘No Operation’, ‘System error’, ‘Not-calibration’, ‘KVO complete’,’ Drip sensor abnormal’


AC110~230V, 50~60 Hz
Inner battery: DC12V, 2300Mah
In fully charged status, the device can working for more than 6 hours at the rate of 25mL/h (containing the time of battery low. Larger battery volume is optional) Outside DC power supply: DC 12V

Operation conditions

Ambient temperature: +5~+40 °C, Relative humidity: 20% to 90%, Ambient pressure: 86~106kPa

Storage conditions

Ambient temperature: -20 to +55 °C, Relative humidity: <95%

Electric shock protection/class

Class I and internal power supply: Type CF, Continuous operation

Water proof level


Communication (Option)

(1) Cable- Serial RS232  (2) Wireless communication – zigbee

Infusion mode setting

Rate mode, drip mode, weight and time mode, two groups of infusion program can be set under ‘rate mode’ and ‘drip mode’.

Infusion rate

3 mode: Drip/min, mL/h, time/volume


2.5kg (with clamp base)


308mm (width) x 140mm (Height) x 144mm (Depth)

Infusion apparatus

Can save 9 brands of infusion apparatus, the infusion accuracy can reach + 3% after calibration.

Scope of application

With pressure generated by the infusion pump to control the injected flow rate and delivery volume of liquid (medicine, intravenous nutrition) to the patient


This product is not available for blood transfusion